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Touching Sound

TOUCHING SOUND, published by Kendall Hunt, a unique approach to understanding and valuing music and reflects the world of music through its simplest songs-- lullabies. In conversations with composers, teachers, and psychologists, Sorrel explores the process of aural perception and creative impulses.With two CDs and 58 scores.

Southern Voices: A Composer's Exploration with Sorrel Doris Hays reissued in ditigal.

Premiere of the comic fantasy opera cantata TOOWHOPERA Nov. 5, 2009, at Shorter College, Rome, GA, a commission of the Georgia Music 
Teachers Association for their annual conference. TOOWHOPERA is for 7 
soloists and 7 instrumentalists, and treats whimiscally the ideas of 
love in space flight, proprietary air rights and cosmic flights of  loneliness and lust.

Our Giraffe
2008 VOX Showcase of New American Opera

New York City Opera
Performance at 2pm, May 10

Skirball Center, NYU

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-comic pocket opera  premiered New York City, October, 2003, with  Beth Griffith as Countersue Bee.

“utterly postmodernist, in the sense that it blended and pirated and hijacked and hybridised all manner of musical mannerisms, busily mingling and bustling like - well, very busy bees... a modern ballad opera, with its political, musical, and metaphorical ironies, imitations, deviations, perversities.. pure fun"  Dr. Elizabeth Wood

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Sorrel Hays Sorrel Hays first drew the attention of the national press with Sensevents for six instrumental soloists, motorized sculptures, dancers and interactive audience, premiered by Kent Baker Dancers, with orchestra directed by Sorrel Hays, and sculptures built by her, in the Lincoln Center Festival Out of Doors, August, 1976. As the AP reported, Hays's credo was "We eat the unusual for breakfast cereal every morning. Why not in music?" At a performance in Atlanta’s Lenox Mall by Atlanta Symphony players, the concert stopped them in their tracks. Thousands showed up and children sat on the switch mats that acted as conductors for the musicians, causing a nonstop performance and temporary standstill in the mall.
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Our Giraffe
Our Giraffe
Music by Sorrel Hays
Libretto by Charles Flowers 

VOX says: "This imaginative historical fable uses the arrival of the first giraffe in Paris to show the clash of cultural expectations from different societies. Sorrel Hays’s eclectic, hybrid musical writing has earned her eight commissions from the Westdeutscher Rundfunk’s Experimental Drama department, with her subjects ranging from the microtonal fluctuations of tone generators to a post-modern opera on the life of bees."

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